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EVR STUDIO is a VR content development company based in Seoul, Korea.
To create virtual worlds where various real life experiences meet endless imagination,
professionals from game development, Hollywood VFX graphics, engineering, fashion,
writing and photography gathered at EVR STUDIO to create the best VR experience.

EVR STUDIO is currently focused on VR game development, mobile VR streaming solution,
and VR videos through its internal EVR LAB.


‘Project M(working title)’ is EVR STUDIO’s first interactive adventure VR game,
based on a cinema-like storyline where users establish friendship with digital characters and
whom they help or interact with will ultimately set the path of how each user’s story unfolds.

‘Project M’ aims to deliver users with a wide spectrum of emotional experience
by providing different types of activities, mild to wild, such as a simply going to the beach with a heroine,
or being present at an elevated height, or going sky diving with a digital friend within virtual reality.

The most important goal of Project M is to present users with realistic looking digital characters
that users can emotionally connect with, supported by an intriguing storyline, AI that remembers
the user’s actions and dialogue to ultimately provide a sense of comfort to the user at the end of the day.




‘Kansong Bohwagak VR is EVR STUDIO’s recent production which was exhibited
at the Dongdaemoon Design Plaza in Seoul, Korea as part of the
“The Encounter between Kansong and Paik Nam June – Changing the World with Culture” exhibition

BOHWAGAK 보화각(葆華閣)

Bohwagak, which means ‘House of Brilliant Treasures’, is the old name of Kansong Art Museum,
founded by Kansong Chun Hyungpil in 1938. The work shown reinvents Bohwagak through virtual reality (‘VR’),
so that the audience may virtually experience Bohwagak, which is currently closed to the public due to restoration construction.
By navigating through the virtual rendering of Bohwagak, the audience transcends spatial and temporal limits.
The VR experience is designed and intended to let the audience enter the paintings and travel through the past.
Often in Director Bryan Ku’s [EVR studio] work, the moon is used as a central motif, serving as a portal through
which the audience may enter and exit to different virtual spaces. Likewise, in Kansong Bohwagak VR,
the moon functions as a medium that penetrates through various historical eras and works of art.
From the past, the moon represented security, protection and utopian ideals in the East.
Hence Kansong Bohwagak VR is a surrealistic expression of the journey in search of the utopia
and an aspiration to demonstrate the finest examples of Korean Art.


We are working on a mobile VR streaming solution to offer players a solution to play high-end games
through mobile VR HMDs by streaming game content from a desktop PC to mobile devices via wifi network